We accompany you throughout the entire international trade process

We manage the entire process from contact with the farmer to the export and import of products, including customs procedures through our logistics partners.

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Product Search

We are the asset for our clients' requirements. We are clear that each client requires a specific and tailored product. We have a wide network of direct producers to find the ideal exportable offer.


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We carry out analysis with tools (data trade) to open opportunities in new markets, search for new products and clients.

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Clients Search

We take care of building loyalty in our database, both sellers and buyers are our clients. We maintain constant communication to obtain competitive costs in accordance with the needs of the market.


We have a wide reliable network of agro-industrial producers that allow us to offer quality products with safety standards to our clients on different continents. In addition, we are specialists in the supply chain. Our service allows us to provide efficiency and effectiveness in the mobilization of the product to all continents around the world. We have a network of logistics operators and freight forwarders that allow us to control the coordination in the comex process.


Compliance with International Regulations

Versatility and

Reliable Logistics Service



We take the excellence of our products beyond borders!

We are delighted to present our line of high quality products for export, designed to meet the demands of the national and international market.

Fresh and Frozen

Fruits and Vegetables

Olive Oils

Extra Virgin, Virgin, Lampante, Refined and Olive Pomace

Dried and Species

Fruits, Grains and Seeds

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